Self Care – Skin


Skin, the largest organ in/on our body and it needs loving! This protective barrier, that we so despise sometimes, gets all the abuse from us. We let it dry out, we take it out into the sun and don’t protect it, we get mad at it when it wrinkles and then, we use products on it that really don’t help the situation.

Well, I have been that person. I treated my skin so poorly. I actually used Dial bar soap on my face for years! Oh my goodness, and I don’t think I even moisturized. Wow, what a fool I was. Thank goodness for the luck of good genes that saved my face for the most part. Today I am blessed enough to know the difference between good and not so good products. dōTERRA has an amazing array of skin care products to choose from.

I use the Essential skin care line for the most part, but I do use parts of the other lines as well. We have the Verage anti-aging skin care line and the HD Clear skin care line in addition to the Essential Skin care line. Each product is composed of true gifts from the earth—nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent essential oils, and select natural ingredient. You will love the results, pure and simple.

What is it about your skin that you dislike the most? Let’s see what skin care line would be best suited for YOU!

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Self Care - Skin
Self Care – Skin

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